“Be mindfully entertained”

Why Metro Mind?
Metro is short for Metropolitan. Our focus is on city urban areas and the people that live in them. The mind is another place where we share and collaborate. We hope to mindfully entertain participants on many levels. Metro Mind is a non-profit grassroots branded organization.

Experience mind opening activities, in art, music and culture.

Email Address: admin@dconcept.ca

Email Address: info@metromind.org

Davidson Elie, Conceptualist
Email Address: davidson@dconcept.ca

dCONCEPT Branding & Management

Mailing Address: 20 Bloor St. E, 75101
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3T3

(O): 416.916.0899
(TF): 1.888.877.2179


“Metro Mind is a dCONCEPT.”


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